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The fashion brand and Haitian business, Deux Mains  was created and is supported by REBUILD globally. Hand in hand, Deux Mains and REBUILD globally are empowering the world's most vulnerable to become self-sufficient – restoring dignity to families. Deux Mains, inspired by its French translation, tells the story of our artisans who use their own “two hands” to sculpt sidewalls into sole with a pride that comes from not only making something valuable for others, but making a meaningful life for themselves.

REBUILD globally established a fashion brand and Haitian owned business, Deux Mains Designs, which is the for-profit arm of our organization that supports the fight against poverty in Haiti in the most dignified way. In collaboration with our nonprofit endeavors, Deux Mains employs Haitian artisans to craft authentic, handmade sandals from up-cycled tires. REBUILD finds outlets in the global marketplace to sell the sandals with a goal to make Deux Mains Designs the world’s favorite fashion footwear!

Deux Mains employees receive equity in the company and dignified employment that pays an average of 225% more than Haitian minimum wage. In just five years, our financial growth has exceeded 2,000 percent, enabling our Haitian employees to experience financial security, own homes, and invest in education for the very first time. 74 women, men, and children who became homeless from the horrendous earthquake already have permanent roofs over their heads. Meanwhile, 6,000 discarded tires have been up-cycled into sandals, saving the Earth’s atmosphere from 480,000 kg of co2!
We ask that you promote our brand in a tasteful manner.  Do not alter the brand's message, logo, or marketing in any way.